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    Home >> News >> Have you ever cook your crocodile leather handbags before? Maybe very strange?

    Crocodile is really a atrocious animal. Human can beat them and eat their meat. Except to be a pet, you find it is really treasure. The real-life caveman diet included crocodiles, and eating the reptiles' fatty flesh may have helped early humans evolve bigger brains, a new study suggests.
    The work is based on bones and artifacts from a prehistoric "kitchen" that make up the earliest evidence that humans ate aquatic animals.
    Stone tools and the butchered bones of turtles, crocodiles, and fish were found at the 1.95-million-year-old site in northern Kenya. No human bones were found, but the combination of remains suggests early humans used the site specifically to prepare meals.
    According to the study authors, the addition of water-based prey into early-human diets may have been what boosted brain size in certain hominins—humans plus human ancestral species and their close evolutionary relatives.
    This discover said that eating crocodile help to boost early human brains. So to be frank, if you are having crocodile feast, a dish of crocodile skin must be in the menu. so next time, we you are hungry in the wild, and do not have other choice to eat, then just try to experience the life and meal of real- life caveman, and cook your
    genuine leather handbags to satisfy your stomach. But to be sure, your genuine leather handbags are real leather!

    crocodile leather handbags