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    Ladies leather handbag wholesale online can really complete an outfit and give it real style, and with the vast number of designs, colors and genuine leather available, it's not always easy to know what to choose.
    The main rule I would have to say is not to forget why you have the website for leather handbag wholesale place, it's for carrying things in, so practicality is the key, but practical ladies leather handbags will be stylish. Generally for more formal occasions, women leather handbags are small and not designed to hold a great deal.  You can only really carry the women leather handbags in a clutch, so look for one that is not the standard flat clutch, but one that is more like the shape of a make up leather handbags wholesale from China; these have more room in the bottom and a clasp fastening.
    Think carefully about what you need to carry around day to day, if you have a lot to carry, a small genuine leather handbag is not really going to be the most practical thing. If you do have a lot to carry, go for a large sized handbag, one with lots of pockets, whether they are inside or outside they will come in handy for keeping stuff organized.
    If you don't have so much to carry, you can still carry big sized women genuine leather handbags (if you like them!)  But you can get away with a smaller leather handbag; things won't get so lost in a smaller one!
    If you have kids, there are obviously certain things that you need to carry, and you won't have the time to be scrabbling around in your leather handbag for them make sure the leather handbags you take has plenty of pockets so you can keep everything organized.
    With a big women leather handbag wholesale online, just as huge women real leather handbags look ridiculous on tiny women, tiny leather handbags look odd on big women.

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