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    20 years ago the real leather handbags and fashion industry cow leather & sheepskin has already made a name for itself amongst the fashion conscious and those who know their quality leather handbags, because of the real leather handbags dedication to extremely high standards.

    Real leather handbags to only producing better quality real leather handbag products is unique in an industry where many leather handbags factory have cut corners to maximize profits by using cheaper materials.

    Allen, founder of itbagstyle inc leather comments "The new website is real milestone for the real leather handbags in China. Real Leather can become an internationally recognized purveyor of chic and trendy real leather handbags."

    "More and more women are using the Internet for their fashion shopping to find individual and unique designs and stunning quality that they simply cannot find on the high street."

    The Real leather handbags online wholesaler has a collection of popular designed leather handbags that are must-haves for any fashion conscious woman. The attention to detail in the design and the superior level of quality in both production and genuine leather material is something that most high street handbag cannot offer.

    UK fashion expert and commentator remarks "One could say genuine leather is definitely a brand to watch out for in 2010 with their chic hobo style real leather handbags. Their price range is fairly high end, although this suggests the superior quality of the material and also hints at the more discerning elegant, luxury chic market that they are aiming at."

    "The website is extremely easy to use and is obviously designed to make shopping for that perfect real leather handbag as easy as possible. The customer review element is a nice touch as it can allow shoppers to see how their peers rate the various real leather handbag designs. The zooming tool is particularly interesting as it enables ladies to see the finer details of the real leather handbags right down to the leather texture."

    "Some of their real leather handbag designs are beautiful and it would not surprise me if their website really helps brand to become an online fashionista's favorite."