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    Home >> News >> Who can refuse twelve sincere smiles from a staff of leather handbags factory ?


    Once One of our customers told our staff that he needed a cup of water to take his medicine when he came to visit our leather handbags factory. Our staff told him that she would bring him the water in ten minutes.
    Thirty minutes later, when the custome's ring for service sounded, the stuff flew in a flurry. She was kept so busy that she forgot to deliver him the water. As a result, the customer was held up to take his medicine. She hurried over to him with a cup of water, but he refused it.
    In the following hours when the customer visited our
    leather handbags factory, each time the stewardess passed be the customer she would ask him with a smile whether he needed help or not. But the leather handbags custmer never paid heed to her.
    When the customer was going to leave our leather handbags factory, the leather handbags customer asked the stewardess to hand him the leather handbags catalog. She was very happy. She knew that the leather handbags customer have accepted her apologies. The staff of our leather handbags
    factory handed the leather handbags catalog to the leather handbags customer with a smile
    The day when the staff of our leather handbag off the work, she got a scratchpad from the leather handbags customer. She opened it and saww "On the flight, you asked me whether I need help or not for twelve times in all. How can I refuse your twelve sincere smiles?” That's right! Who can refuse your twelve sincere smiles from a person? To be a trustful and responsible leather handbags manufacturer, requires all of its staff should offer the best service for our leather handbags customers. Our service should be the first class as the qualtity of leather handbags made by

    leather handbags