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    Home >> News >> You should walk like this with your leather handbags to release your charming characteristic

    Leather handbags are necessary accessory for women. The elegant character of leather handbags come from nature is irresistible for tasteful ladies. However, even you have own your leather handbags, we can't be more elegant and charming if you don't know how to walk in a right way when carrying your leather handbags. Here we are giving you more tips about it.
    Way to work every day, as long as possible when walking to walk. Walking posture is very important, chest, close lower abdomen, buttocks clamp, do not hunched over hump. If walking does not tighten lower abdomen, regardless of how much road you go, can not stimulate your abdominal muscles, your belly will not shrink. In addition, the hump will destroy the body's balance, reduce the effect of walking exercise.
    Will be walking as a sport to lose weight, you can not walk as casually as usual, should be appropriate to increase stride, strode forward only to exercise your thigh muscles, avoid fat legs appear.
    After the ground heel first, not the whole foot flat on the ground. Will focus on the front foot, each step forward, front foot to be in accordance with the heels, soles of the feet, toes in the order the ground, so to walk naturally on the heels raised, the leg will be more compact and solid curve symmetry.
    Last but not at least, use your leather handbags for exercise. Many office ladies do not have time to do exercise. Leather handbags are "heavy" in a certain sense, because all of the leather handbags made by uses genuine leather imported from italy, and it's very cheap.

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